To participate:

- participation fee is € 1.50 per photo;

- no entry limitation:

- every contest donates 30% of total to a charity project

- colour and black&white photos allowed

- max. 4MB per photo, only jpg.



- first price winner receives 45% of the total fee amount. The more entries, the more the winner and the donation project receive!



Rules and conditions of all contests


  •  Your photos are made by you! You own the rights; you are responsible for your uploaded contect. OFOTO is not responsible for possible claims of other parties;
  • Your photos are deleted from all our systems after closing a photo contest and having a winner;
  • When your photo wins, it will be visible on our website (ofoto.nl);
  • When participating a photocontest you agree we share your photo on instagram and other social media, allways metionning your @instagram-name (or other social media address name) and/or personal name;
  • Your photos are safe with us and will never (!) be used for other purposes;
  • When you participate in a photocontest you will pay a fee of € 1,50 per photo. You can participate each contest with as much photos as you want. Every photocontest has a donation party, a charity purpose. The winner of the photo contest receives 45% of the total amount of money collected at the closing of a contest, the charity project will receive 30% of the total amount of collected money.
  • The prices (for winner and charity project will be paid via PayPal or bank within one week after the winner is proclaimed. We will contact the winner for his/her paypal or bank acoount specifications, to make a payment.
  • Our team of photographers/publishers chooses one winner per contest. No discussion about this afterwards possible. No restitution of paid fees is possible;
  • Your uploaded photos may not exceed 4MB per photo. Otherwise they are rejected; You are allowed to add a tiny (not screeming) watermark to your photo at the right or left bottom corner of the photo.
  • When you upload (for example) 10 photos, but make a payment for 1 photo, we will use your first uploaded photo for the contest;
  • Every order has a maximum of 10 photos, but you are allowed to place as much orders as you want per contest.